The Effect Of Perceıved Dıversıty Clımate On General Satısfactıon Of Unıversıty Students

İlhan Kacire, Mehmet Kurtulmus, Hüseyin Karabiyik


The aim of this research is to examine the effect of perceived diversity climate on general satisfaction of university students.  The research was done with relational survey model. 273 students having education in Dicle University Ziya Gökalp Faculty of Education and Faculty of Thelogy constituted the working group. Research data were collected with ‘diversity climate’ and ‘general satisfaction’ scales. Data were analyzed by setting up structural equation modeling. It has been seen that goodness of fit indexes of set model are among the range standart value. In the research, It has been determined that perceived diversity climate has effected the general satisfactions of university students positively and significantly. It is also confirmed that perceived diversity climate has explained the general satisfaction of university students in a significant level.  In accordance with these results it can be said that it is important for the universities aiming to increase the general satisfaction of students to produce qualified policies related to student diversity.

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