Testing the Effects of Employee Empowerment, Teamwork, and Employee Training on Employee Productivity in Higher Education Sector

Jalal Hanaysha


Improving employee productivity is one of the most important objectives for any organization. This is because highly productive employees can influence overall organizational performance. This study aims to test the direct effects of employee empowerment, teamwork, and employee training on employee productivity in higher education sector. Based on the review of past literature, it is clear that only few studies were conducted on employee productivity, particularly, in education sector. Therefore, the data of this study were collected using an online survey from a sample of 242 employees serving at public universities in northern Malaysia. To analyse the collected data, SPSS and structural equation modelling were utilized. The results revealed that employee empowerment has significant positive effect on employee productivity. It was also found that teamwork has significant positive effect on employee productivity. Finally, the study found that employee training has significant positive effect on employee productivity. These findings provide useful implications for policy makers to set out their strategies with regard to human resource factors to in order to enhance both employee productivity and organizational performance.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v6i1.9200


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