The Relationship between Transformational Leadership Style and Behavior of Organizational Citizen (Case Study: Ghavamin Bank)

Farahnaz Bayram Haghighi, Zahra Valaei Maleki


The present research was conducted with the aim of determining the relationship between transformational leadership style and organizational citizenship behavior in Ghavamin Bank of Markazi province. The research method was practical in terms of objectives and correlational descriptive in terms of data collection method. Moreover, it was quantitative in terms of the collected data. Statistical population of the research consisted of all employees in Ghavamin Bank branches in Markazi province (280 individuals) among whom 162 individuals were selected as a sample size using Morgan table and simple random sampling method. Bass and Avolio standard questionnaire (1996) with 16 questions was used to evaluate transformational leadership and Organ questionnaire (1998) with 20 questions was employed in order to evaluate organizational citizenship behavior. The reliability of the questionnaire was investigated using Cronbach's alpha method which the value was reported to be 0.77 and 0.88 for "transformational leadership" and "organizational citizenship behavior", respectively. In addition, content validity was used to investigate the validity. Hence the questionnaires were approved by the relevant experts. The data obtained from questionnaire was analyzed using SPSS software in two sections of descriptive and inferential (Spearman Correlation and Stepwise Regression). The results indicated that there was a significant relationship between components of transformational leadership style and organizational citizenship behavior. In addition, individual considerations had the highest relationship with organizational citizenship behavior. Therefore, organizations and managers should move step by step in order to make organizational citizenship behavior. This is because the process of organizational citizenship behavior is not a one-day process which could be entered to an organization like new technologies do, but it is a time consuming and permanent procedure.

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