The Implementation of the Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy at the General Hospital of Sanggau Regency West Kalimantan Province

Hari Liewarnata, Bahrullah Akbar, Murtir Jeddawi, Sampara Lukman


This study is associated with the implementation of the government goods and services procurement policy at the General Hospital of Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan Province. In this case, the procurement refers to the procurement causing legal problems namely the procurement of surgical medical devices in fiscal year 2014. The theoretical structure of the research consists of the grand theory (government science), middle range theory (public policy theory), and applied theory (the implementation theory of Van Meter and Van Horn Public Policies). This study was employed qualitative research approach. In addition, the secondary data collection was carried out by using library research. Meanwhile, the primary data collection was conducted by applying interview techniques and observation that involved 10 research informants determined by purposive sampling technique. The results of this study were analyzed by the researcher by entailing six variables of Van Meter and Van Horn. The results of this study indicated that there was an alleged criminalization by Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (GISA) through the results of an audit on the procurement of surgical medical devices at the General Hospital of Sanggau regency in fiscal year 2014. Basically, the reason why the GISA stipulated the State losses is due to the emergence of an indication of a conspiracy among auction participants referring to the explanation of article 83, paragraph (1) the letter e on Presidential Regulation No. 70 Year 2012, without involving Procurement Service Unit (PSU) and/or the working groups of PSU, including the existence of contract value differences with the real value of provider purchases and VAT. The cause of the criminalization of the GISA audit results raising legal problems is presumably resulted from the fact that the audit carried out by GISA was not based on the GISA audit standards. Moreover it was not objective and unprofessional. The results demonstrated that the state losses determined by GISA were grounded on 1) the misinterpretation on the conspiracy indications in the explanation of article 83 paragraph (1), the letter e, Presidential Regulation No. 70 Year 2012 carried out by GISA; 2) incorrect assumptions which are not in accordance with the facts conveyed by GISA in the treatise of the audit results used as the basis for determining state losses; 3) GISA does not understand the mechanism and system for implementing procurement stipulated by the Government in which it should be carried out electronically/(e-procurement); 4) State Loss Calculation Method performed by GISA by finding out the difference between the value of the contract and the real value of the purchase of the provider based on the incorrect interpretation regarding the indications of conspiracy in the explanation of the article 83 paragraph (1) the letter e, Presidential Regulation No. 70 Year 2012. As a result, the State losses that GISA's stipulated become baseless; 5) The existence of the alleged GISA audit is carried out based on emotions, subjectivity, motives and certain interests. The researcher proposes several suggestions and the "SO&R by hari" model that can be analyzed by using 1 dimension/variable (variable policy standard, objective & resources) on new concepts obtained by the researcher regarding the Implementation of Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy, which is a simplification and refinement of the Van Meter and Van Horn theories on  Public Policy Implementation, and a new framework which is specific and focused on the research related to government goods and services procurement.

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