Administrative Support, Remuneration Policy and Faculty Teaching Efficacy in Vietnamese Higher Education

Quang Minh Duong


The study aims to analyze the efficiency of training programme at POWERGRID Corporation of India Limited with a special reference to academic parameters, and to find out if there is any improvement required to make the training programme more effective. Descriptive research design has been used in the study. The sample size is 127. A survey was carried out to obtain the feedback of the trainees. About 93.70% of the respondents are of the view that initial class room training is sufficient. About 96.06% of them are of the view that the post On Job Training (OJT) is constructive and indispensable. About 89.76% of the respondents said that the rotational OJT is valuable. The findings show that the trainees were satisfied up to a large extent with the training programme. To improve the training programme; module should be updated on yearly basis, period of training should be less than one year and there should be more industry visits on time to time basis.

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