Professional Teachers’ Perspective toward an Effective Teaching Technique: A Case Study

Nurus Sobakh


This study aims to describe the teachers’ perspective about the effective teaching technique to teach young leaner in Pasuruan Indonesia. The research design was qualitative case study design. This study tried to investigate the effective teaching technique to teach young learner. The teaching process had been implemented by the teachers. In this study, the teachers would describe their teaching learning process in their classroom. The subject of this study was the professional teachers’ of junior high school in SMPN 1 Gempol and SMPN 1 Beji. The classroom was chosen based on the teacher’s approval and suggestion. The professional teachers were the teachers who had legal certificate as the educator from the government and who had taught more than ten years. The researcher collected the data from the observation sheets, field note, and teachers’ interview. The researcher found that the teachers ordered the steps of teaching technique from the beginning until the end effectively and systematically. The teachers had fulfilled the criteria of professional teacher. They had a better classroom management skill and ordered various kinds of teaching activities and practices in their classroom splendidly.

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