21st Century Challenges of Educational Leaders, way out and Need of Reflective Practice

Rana Adeel Luqman, Hafiz Muhammad Farhan, Fakhar Shahzad, Sundus Shaheen


The chief idea of accomplishing this study is to recognize the challenges in front of educational leaders. Different leadership theories are argued in this piece of paper to elucidate the need of leadership and reflective practice for the educational leaders particularly in 21st century. In 21st century finest leader and coaches are essential in management as well as for the swift intensification of the education sector. Study shows that in the forthcoming era, educational leaders are mostly required rather than professional teachers. The concepts and importance of need of educational leaders are described by means of different theories and models. In this study, researchers pin point the unusual plane of awareness of internal and external nature of leadership is deliberate crucial role that leads to better suspicion to acquire the right judgment. Awareness also considered very important factor for effective decision making.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i1.1238


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