Enhancing Connectedness and Intrinsic Motivation to Learn for Online Learners: Introducing the S3 Model

George O Hanshaw, Roxanne Helm-Stevens, Breanna Lopez


The purpose of the current research was to discern the most effective strategies to implement into a student-centered online course. Related and implemented components that coincide within this framework were student connection and student motivation. The research was conducted using a mixed methods study that specifically studied the symbiotic relationship of both quantitative and qualitative exploration when seeking to improve the online environment. Researchers also utilized their originally developed model, “The S3 Cycle: The Three Strategies to Increase Student-centered Learning” to differentiate the most effective methods when designing and applying a meaningful and valuable student-centered learning environment for online students. A greater sense of connectedness and intrinsic motivation to learn are felt by students after they have participated in a student-centered online course which was designed and developed with specific student-centered learning strategies and technology tools.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v9i3.14993


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