Development and Implementation of Training Actions in Health Services

Georgios Panagiotopoulos, Georgaki Theodora, Zoe Karanikola


The purpose of this study is to investigate the way the Hippocrates Hospital staff is trained, the principles of learning implemented in the programs of the particular hospital unit, and the impact of the training on the participants themselves. The quantitative methodology was chosen for the collection of data, whereas the population - sample consists of 70 doctors and nurses participating in hospital training programs either as trainers or as trainees. According to the research findings, trainers take into account the needs and interests of trainees and feel capable of educating them. The question-answer technique is mainly used, while the lecture technique is less used. After having completed the training programs, participants state that they feel more confident, they recognize the value of education and training, support lifelong learning and express great interest in participating in new training programs.

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