Attitude of Female Lecturers in Physical Education towards Profession

Salahuddin Khan, Yasmin Iqbal Qureshi, Zia-ul- Islam, Wasim Khan, Syed Asif Abbass


The study in hand was an attempt to investigate the Female Lectures of Physical Education (FLPE) Attitude towards profession. For the purpose a substantial sample from the population was selected using available sampling technique. A five point Likert-type Attitude Scale of Lectures in Physical Education towards Profession (ASLPEP) was developed, ranging from completely agree (CA = 5 points) to completely disagree (CDA = 1 point). Main objectives of the study were To investigate the Attitudes of FLPE towards Profession, to investigate the Professional Background of FLPE, to know the awareness level of FLPE regarding Physical Education profession, and to know the level of interest for achieving the goals set for physical education in the curriculum. The study investigated that FLPE who are working in the colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan have no professional background, which means that the teachers have no sports background; neither have they had any interest in sports related areas. Their attitudes towards the profession were also found negative. The study also find out that FLPE did not feel comfortable as a physical education teacher. The majority of respondent did not aware of the goals set for physical education curriculum in the colleges. They came to the field by chance to get a job easily, and not by choice.


Key Words: - Attitude, Female Lecturers, Physical Education, Profession


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