An Exploration of Learning Styles Preferences of Higher Education Students in Pakistan

Fakhra Yasmin, Ahsan Akbar, Zhang Yan


Every individual adopts a unique way to obtain knowledge and this way of acquiring knowledge is known as learning style. These learning approaches of the students can significantly influence their learning outcomes. The aim of this study was to examine the learning styles of Master level students enrolled in Education programs of the public sector universities in southern Punjab region of Pakistan. The study findings reveal that students majoring in Education practice multiple learning styles to accomplish their academic goals endeavors. Moreover, assimilating was the most practiced learning style by the sampled students. The results of ANOVA posits that there are significant differences in learning styles adopted by the students of different universities. The findings of this study provide useful information about the learning style preferences of the social science students and postulate that the choice of university significantly influences the learning style adaptation of students.

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