Using Students’ Evaluation in Improving Teaching Effectiveness

Adel Mahmoud Al Samman, Faiza Zitouni


By all means, teachers need the evaluation and feedback of their students to know how they are doing and whether their efforts are fruitful or going the wrong direction. Consulting with students and exploring their perspective of the proficiency of their teachers could be the most efficient method to develop and enhance the teaching efficiency. This paper aims at probing to what extent the academic members in Applied Science University possess the professional competencies required, as per the students’ perspective. We chose the most important four dimensions of core competencies associated with teaching in higher education, namely professional, technological, humane, and assessment. A designed survey shall be developed and distributed among a representative sample of students. The analysis of which will show the availability level of such competencies, and any missing ones, from the students’ perspective. Qualitative data will also be gathered through structured interviews with the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Students Council members. In the light of the paper’s findings, a conceptual framework will be developed and a set of recommendations will be submitted to the top management of the university in order to be considered in the future academic hiring process, and the development programs of the current academic staff aiming at improving the teaching process efficiency.

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