The Utilization of Open Educational Resources in the Collaborative Learning Environment to Enhance the Critical Thinking Skill

Dwi Sulisworo, Fakhrunisyah Syarif


Critical thinking as an outcome of learning is an essential issue in education. The application of the concept of Open Educational Resources or OER provides opportunities for students to obtain information more efficiently to support their learning. On the other hand, the collaborative learning is believed to be a robust pedagogical approach to build a good learning experience. This research describes and explores how the application of collaborative learning by using OER can enhance critical thinking skills. The method of this study was the pre-test and post-test one group design in physics lessons at secondary school students. Statistical analysis used paired t-test with an error of 5%. The teacher can measure the critical thinking skill by giving essay test. Scoring considered the process undertaken in problem-solving. The results of this study showed an increase in critical thinking skills significantly. This study also further discusses the implications associated with this research on learning physics.

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