Identification of Leadership Role for the Independence and Sustainability of Private Course Institution

Sri Wahyuni, Endang Sri Redjeki


This study aimed at explaining the role of leadership in enhancing the independence and the sustainability of private course institution. This study employed a phenomenology research design to explore the leadership of Art House “Windyas Club” institution. Art House “Windyas Club” was a private course institution teaching children art, painting and coloring, located in Sukun Subdistrict of Malang City. The institution has been running independently for more than 13 years. The data were collected through deep interview, observation and documentation. An inductive analysis model used as the analysis technique. The result of this study shows that: (1) independence is regarded as an the result of deep interpretation of life goals and efforts in life and the manifestation of appreciation upon certain efforts in life (2) leaders maintain the independence and the sustainability of the institution by applying a servant leadership which includes: (1) as the creator or conceiver, in which leaders should create innovation and design any program; (2) as the mediator, in which leaders should act as the resource linker, linking the institution with stakeholders to manage the institution; (3) as the servant in which leaders should be willing to directly provide services for the clients; (4) as a role model, in which leaders are required to share positive values to all of the staffs and teachers including the values of sincerity, prayers, hard work, creativity, good deeds, and gratitude.

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