Organizational Learning: An Assessment of its Impact on Crisis Management in the United Arab Emirates

Mahmoud Kamal Abouraia


The perception associated with organizational learning has been established a long time, however merely in a decade, the notion is extremely acknowledged subject in management studies. The essential part of this research contain the ideas of organizational flexibility structures, assessment of orientation, predisposition to experiment, and enthusiasm to review the environment ideas to understand individual capabilities for knowledge and learning in organization. Empirical evidence publicized that airline industry continues to be the topic of numerous crisis management issues which acquired disastrous effect from the perilousness. Further, it is important to keep in mind that crises can arise as significant factors of change, knowledge, and learning opportunities. The article investigates to evaluate the influence regarding organizational learning toward crisis management in airline industry based on qualitative analysis with airline managers and through supplementary information. The outcomes recommend that airlines should have in-depth and defined techniques for understanding the crises and despite the fact that crisis events and conventional airline accidents remain rare, the requirements for knowledge and learning preparation has vehemently become imperative. It is actually proposing that airlines should apply double-loop learning for its instrumental and policy issues to make sure they will end up more vigilant to signals as well as aggressive while obtaining information for the progress of exigency mechanism.

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