Perceptions of Information and Communication Technology: Evidence from Secondary Schools in Zanzibar

Amran Said Suleiman, Munir Said Suleiman, Sahim Abdalla Juma


The information and communication technology (ICT) become paramount in the contemporary whereas the society and other educational partners would not be far away from uses of this developmental technology. This study aimed to evaluate the perceptions of teachers on applying ICT in public secondary schools in Zanzibar. The survey questionnaires deployed as the instrument tool for the data collection in six public secondary schools in Zanzibar. Data analysed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21, and the results revealed that the teachers’ have the positive perceptions towards the adoption of ICT use in an education setting. Consequently, the utilisation of technology encourages teaching and learning. Indeed, the teachers showed to be ready to incorporate the ICT use in the teaching process. However, lack of enough time and cost of the ICT services contributed factors that impediment the teachers to embrace ICT use. Moreover, the results demonstrate some teachers’ ignorance in insensitive of ICT skills.

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