The Performance Reality of Youth Centers in Jordan From the Members’ Perspective

Ibrahim Atallah Al- Jaafreh


This study aims to describe the reality of the performance of youth centers in Jordan from the perspective of their members. To achieve this aim, the researcher considers an analytical descriptive method involving the participants of members registered in the youth centers in Jordan. There were 550 participants recruited from a total of 40000 members available till the year 2018 (13%). Within this design, the researcher develops and validate a 51-item instrument covering five aspects in this field: aims and planning, equipment and capabilities, socialization and volunteer, physical, sports and culture aspects. The results show that the performance of youth centers in all aspects is “Moderate”. The results also reveal that there are statistically significant differences (α=0,05) between males and females in favor of females in the aspects of capabilities, equipment and culture. The study recommends governmental financial funding and supporting for these youth centers in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, so that they can achieve their aims. It also recommends providing these centers with the necessary equipment with incentives to activate members’ role in developing the annual plans for these centers.

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