Impact of Parents’ Profession on their Children’s Learning English in Pakistan

Muhammad Arshad, Zafar Hayat Attari, Ehsan Elahi


The aim of this study was to see the impact of parents’ profession on learning English at intermediate level. With respect to learning English as a second language (as in Pakistan) has several challenges in the academic achievement for the students. Some of these are students’ lack of appropriate study skills and strategies; their academic learning anxiety; their low social self-efficacy; their financial difficulties; and improper guidance from the family members. In the case of family members parents have a great influence in this perspectives and learning a language means acquiring the set of pragmatic norms and cultural values embedded in the target language. But the cultural values and social norms are transferred from home environment especially from parents to children. In relation to interacting family norms; parents’ attitude, parents’ academic level are considered important. Therefore, the study was conducted to explore further dimensions of parents’ impact on their children’s learning English. The objective of this study was especially to see the impact of parents’ profession on their children’s learning English language. Participants were 430 students of intermediate class. A self-reported survey questionnaire was used to collect the data. The collected data was analyzed by using SPSS-16 to find mean value and correlation value.

The results revealed that for learning English parents’ profession has positive correlation on it that varies with respect to their professions.


Keywords: Learning, Learning environment, Lingua-Franca, Second Language Acquisition

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