Integrative and Instrumental Motivations for Learning English as a University Requirement among Undergraduate Students at Al-Jazeera University/Dubai

Mohammed Hamid Al-Ta’ani


This paper attempted to investigate the Emirati EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners’ integrative and instrumental learning motivation at Al-Jazeera University, Dubai, UAE. The data were collected through a modified (20-item) motivational questionnaire adapted from Gardner’s (1985). (50) students; from which (36) students were males (72%) and the remaining (14) ones were females (28%) participated in answering a questionnaire which reflected their motivation towards learning English as a mandatory university requirement. The findings revealed that the students had high level of motivation-both integrative and instrumental for learning English, but their instrumental motivation was slightly surpassed their integrative one in this study. The data analysis concerning the open-ended question showed that writing skill was the most problematic area for the students. Based on the findings, some suggestions, guidelines and recommendations for future research, English teachers, teaching process and policy makers were highlighted.

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