Integration of e-Consumer Elements in Adult and Community Education

Anastasia Nyawira Gakuru, Joseph Mwinzi, Joseph Nungu, Samson Gunga


Kenya, like other countries in Africa and across the world is in the grip of technological advances leading its agencies and parastatals to digitize their operations. A pertinent question, therefore, is whether adult and community education, in its current packaging in Kenya, is empowering the participants to engage in using e-consumer services actively, meaningfully, and in beneficial ways in their daily transactions. This study, therefore, sought to investigate the level of integration of e-Consumer elements in Adult and Community Education. The study adopted a mixed-method research study targeting adult learners in Nairobi County, adult education officers, and adult education instructors. The study collected data using interviews and questionnaires. The study established that integration of ICT services in adult centers is still facing numerous challenges which are evident by the poor use of e-consumer services by the adult learners.

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