A Quantitative Study on A Relationship between Job Motivators and Organizational Commitment

Truong Hong-Ngoc


The study aims to investigate the job motivators (JMs) that support organizational commitment (OC) for Vietnamese banking service personnel. There are six motivators: Work-itself; Working Physical Environment; Opportunities for promotion; Wages; Subsidies and Fringe Benefits; Relationships with Coworkers and Higher-ups. This study’s theoretical methodology is to analyze JMs among banking service employees. Additionally, to enhance these theories regarding research variables, the previous constructs were utilized. The Likert scale is the quantitative data collection tool. Finally, a research framework is developed along with a fresh questionnaire.

In the study, an integrated model was hypothesized, and six motivators directly impacted OC. Further, this research also investigated the relationship between associations between OC and several personal and professional traits (e.g., Age, Sex, Marital status, Education, Job position, Knowledge about labor law, Tenure in a job, Job role, Monthly income, and Type of bank). This research evaluated Vietnamese banking service employees’ attitudes and perceptions regarding OC. The 521 paper questionnaires are distributed to all Vietnamese banking service personnel. After reviewed, 96% of them responded the questionnaires. Frequencies, percentages and corresponding statistics are calculated for all socio-demographic variables. To assess the job correlation index’s motivators, Cronbach’s alpha was calculated. Each factor’s mean and standard deviation were recorded. For each variable in the quantitative model, Pearman’s correlation was computed. In order to identify the predictors of both overall satisfaction and OC, multiple regression analysis was utilized.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v13i1.20724


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