Identification of the Problems Faced by Secondary School Teachers in District Karak (Pakistan)

Qaiser Suleman, Ishtiaq Hussain, Sarfraz Ahmad


Teachers possess the most important and critical position in the entire education system. Successful and effective teaching learning process depends upon the quality of a teacher. The purpose of this research study was to identify the problems which affect the performance of secondary school teachers. The objectives of the study were: (a) to identify the problems faced by male and female secondary school teachers in District Karak (b) to make workable recommendations to enhance the performance of male and female secondary school teachers. All the male and female secondary school teachers in District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan) constituted the population of the study. The study was delimited to only 60 female and 80 male Govt. High Schools. In order to ensure adequate representation of the population, only 120 female and 160 male secondary school teachers were selected as sample randomly. The study was descriptive type and the researchers designed a questionnaire on five likert rating scale for the collection of data. Pilot testing was conducted to remove the misconceptions, ambiguities and weakness of the questions in the questionnaire. After pilot testing the questionnaire was revised and its final version was prepared in the light of suggestions given by the experts. In order to collect data, the researchers personally visited to the respective participants and distributed questionnaires among them and data was collected. Then it was organized, tabulated and analyzed. For the statisitcal analysis of the data, the percentage, means, standard deviations, and differences of means were computed for each male and female SSTs. Significance of difference between the mean opinions of both the male and females SSTs were tested at 0.05 level by applying t-test. After statistical analysis of the data, the researchers arrived at the conclusions that there are various problems which negatively affect the performance of secondary school teachers. These problems are: unattractive pay package; lack of basic facilities; overcrowded classes; misbehaviors of students; financial crises of teachers; overwork load; long distance to school; autocratic environment inside school etc. In the light of the findings and conclusions, it is recommended that teachers should be given attractive salaries and pay scale. Educational facilities should be provided to them. Heads of the institutions should be democratic minded and adopted the principles of equality.


KEYWORDS: Identification, problems, secondary school teachers, secondary school level

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