The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Teacher Education and its Implication for Professional Development in Nigeria

Osakwe Regina N.


This study was designed to investigate the impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on teacher education programme and professional development in Nigeria.  The population comprised 825 lecturers of colleges of education.  The sample of 206 lecturers were randomly selected using stratified sampling technique.  Four research questions and four hypotheses were raised and tested at alpha level of 0.05 significance using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Statistics.  Results of the research questions revealed that there is a relationship between ICT and research, effective student learning, access to information materials for teaching and professional development.  This was because the mean ratings of lecturers responses were above 2.50 decision rule.  The results of the hypotheses revealed that there is a significant relationship between ICT and lesson presentation, access to information on teaching materials, students’ effective learning and professional development.  It was therefore recommended that government should provide adequate ICT accessories and infrastructures in all colleges of education, fund and proper electricity.  Refresher courses should also be organized for teacher trainers and trainees on the operation and usage of ICT.



Keywords: Information, Communication, Technology, Teacher Education, Lecturers, Teacher Trainees, ICT Accessories, ICT Infrastructures

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