Ideology, Purpose, Core Values and Leadership: How they influence the Vision of an Organization?

Jamil Anwar, SAF Hasnu


This paper explores the dimensions of Ideology, Purpose, Core values and Leadership in the context of creating a clear and compelling vision of an organization. It also explains how these factors influence the vision of an organization. It is argued that ideology defines the character of an organization. It inspires controls and guides the vision of an organization. The source of sound ideology is ethical Monotheism. Purpose is ideology driven and provides the basis for creation of vision. Working and practicing on core values in the organizational setting is of profound importance for creating and clarifying the vision. Leadership takes its power and moral authority from ideology, purpose and core values and influences the direction, spirit and discipline of an organization. Leadership transcends and transforms the vision of an organization through common understandings. It is suggested that for organizations to be effective and efficient, leadership must hire those people whose personal visions, purpose and values are aligned with organizational ones. Such employees will remain committed and loyal while such organizations are likely to be financially, socially and morally sustainable. A thematic analysis is used to identify the themes and their relationship with in these factors and with vision of an organization. A set of propositions are suggested to testify and validate these findings through research in future.

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