The Nature and Expression of Right and it`s division In Islamic Religions

Amir Ahmadi


Right is one of the most important issues of human life in living or transactional affairs .But it is looked from the distinct point of view, the main discussion of this present study of right means authority, privilege and ability, investigating the types of right is the one of the important matters in domain of right range .Does right have one type or has some different kinds? And if it isn`t monopolized to one unique type, what is it`s classification criteria? In this article we have a look on some of its division and their types in clergymen and jurists point of view. At first we stated defining right and its origin .Here right means, kind of dedication that totally there has been before establishing the society and after establishing it has been emerged in different and various forms. After that we looked at its division, we expressed the right principles, and also rights types for the sake of rights owner the includes :god`s right ,people`s right common right and it`s evidence`s in another division for the sake of right`s place ,we can divide it in to financial ,non –financial personal right (Jus in persona Or right over another)juridical and non-juridical we can say that the foundation of this study is to investing ate the right ,it`s types ,it`s application in editing scientific points and its application in editing the subjective rules and finally in life.


Keywords: Right; Rights Of Allaah; People`S Right; Jus In Persona; Financial Right; Judicial Right


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