The Analysis of the Role of Information Technology (IT) in making the Knowledge of the Knowledge-Based High-Tech Companies Explicit (The Case Study: Companies of Pardis Science and Technology Park)

Ahmad Jafarnejad, Seyyed Abolghasem Mira, Sonia Habibi Rad


In the resource-based theory, the balance between knowledge and other resources is for the benefit of the changed knowledge, so that knowledge has become a determinant factor, even more than land, work and capital. But the development of the organizational knowledge is rooted in organizational learning that appears at all of organizational levels and the most important way for improving the level of the organizational learning is also the management of the tacit knowledge of the employees and turning it into the explicit knowledge. On the other hand, information technology (IT) has opened a new area for releasing, interchanging and presenting information by the human that is considered a deep revolution in many aspects. The main purpose of the research is to analyze the role of information technology in making the knowledge of the companies with a high technology of the science and technology park explicit, and the population of the research is the managers and the experts of the companies of Pardis science and technology park in Tehran. Using the sampling formula and substituting the standard deviation taken from the distribution of the elementary questionnaire in it, the sample size was obtained 142 and after distributing the standard questionnaire of the research, 154 complete questionnaires gathered from the employees and the managers of the companies of Pardis science and technology park were analyzed. After examining any of the variables of the research in the companies being examined through student t's test, variance analysis and LSD, although no significant relationship was observed between using IT and making knowledge explicit, the results indicated that there was a significant relationship between using IT in the external structure dimension and making knowledge explicit and most of the measures of this dimension were related to IT's infrastructures. 

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