The Evaluation of the Effect of the Marketing Mix Elements on the Performance of Pakat Restaurants Group

Mohammad Haghighi, Tahmoures Hasangholipour Yasvari, Arghavan Taherkhanchi


The present research was conducted with the purpose of examining the effect of the marketing mix elements on the performance of Pakat Restaurants Complex based on the surveys of the consumers and experts. The data were obtained from 171 questionnaires gathered from the consumers and the experts of the restaurant. Generally, all variables (including quality, price, information, packing, distribution and branding) were important according to the consumers and experts of this industry. The results showed that all variables were significant according to the consumers of this complex except the distribution. According to ANOVA table, the effect of all demographic variables on the level of quality showed a significant difference among the communities. The effect of the experience of the consumption on the price became also significant. According to the strategies predicted in Pakat Complex, it became clear that the performance of the complex was successful to derive customer's satisfaction and increase the number of loyal customers and is proved to promote a brand of healthy and high quality food for the consumers. 

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