Determinants of Consumer Complaining Behavior: A study of Pakistan

Touqeer Ashraf, Waseem Sajjad, Muhammad Rizwan, Dilshad Ahmed, Haseeb Nazeer


Importance of addressing dissatisfied consumers has increased very much these days because of intense competition due to establishment of new kind of stores and offering many kinds of customer services by service providers. This study focuses on effects of attitudinal and perceptional variables (attitude toward complaining, prior complaint experience, perceived possibility of success and customer’s loyalty) on Consumer Complaining Behavior (CCB). Model of this research is to complete the attitudinal or behavioral perspective and consumer complaining behavior literature in the frame work. A total of 232 people were asked to become the part of this study through a self administered questionnaire from Bahawalpur City. This study uses a non-probability sampling technique that is convenience sampling. Regression results shown that attitude toward complaining, perceived possibility of success and customer loyalty had significant positive impact on consumer complaining behavior but relation between prior complaint experience and CCB was not proved to be significant. Careful studies have been carried out in order to validate conceptual frame-work that can be taken as an initial point to understand the concepts of Consumer Complaining Behavior (CCB).

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