Analysis of Level of Stress among Doctors in Public and Private Hospitals of Pakistan

Hassan Danial Aslam, Narmeen Mansoor, Qaiser Suleman


Stress is a universal and inevitable component of life, the occurrence of which cannot be avoided. The purpose of the present study was to determine the sources of stress among doctors of private and public hospitals in Bahawalpur District (Pakistan). The target population of the study was the doctors of private and public hospitals inBahawalpur,Pakistan. Only 240 doctors (120 from public and 120 from private hospitals) were selected as sample of the study. Field study was conducted and primary data collection instrument was questionnaire. The questionnaire was based on seven dimensions i.e., workload, working conditions, role overload, sleep deprivation and unrealistic demands of the patients, relation with peers, night shifts. Statistical tools i.e. mean, standard deviation and t-test were used for the analysis of the data. For this purpose SPSS Version 16 was used. Findings of the study revealed that sleep deprivation was most important source of stress, second was workload, third factor was working conditions, fourth was role overload and last factor with respect to the importance was unrealistic demands of patients. Moreover workload, night shifts and relation with peers have a positive relationship with levels of stress.                 

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