Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit Based on Local Wisdom

Muhamad Ahsan, Armanu Thoyib, Achmad Sudiro, Nur Khusniyah Indrawati


The purpose of this paper is to explore of entrepreneurial spirit development at the Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) Sunan Drajat which led by Kyai Abdul Ghofur in local setting one of Islamic propagator legends in Indonesia, Sunan Drajat. The research method used ethnography approach. The techniques of collecting data used were participant observation, interview and focus group discussion. Techniques of analyzing data used were content analysis of interview, domain analysis, taxonomy analysis, component analysis and finding culture themes. The findings are entrepreneurial spirit development at the Pesantren Sunan Drajat has been inspired by catur piwulang philosophy as the core in giving spirit to the students and local communities. The entrepreneurial spirit development has produced a distinctive model in preparing Islamic entrepreneur generations for the future. As practical implication, the findings can be used as reference to develop entrepreneurial development especially at pesantren in Indonesia. The model also can be used to motivate another pesantren to develop an institution through the local economic based activities to become autonomous institution and not depend on other parties. Originality of this research is to reveal the leadership role and local wisdom in developing entrepreneurial spirit at the Pesantren Sunan Drajat and the community surrounding.

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