Effectiveness of Regional Protection Program (RPP) Rezim - International Protection Regime - European Union (EU) in Germany

Hamza Fadil, Shen Yi


Refugees migrate from their countries to other countries in the study of migration because of natural disasters, famine, difficulty in getting jobs, and fear of war or armed conflict in their countries. The problem of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2011 due to armed conflict made Syrian refugees leave their country for Europe. In 2011 Syrian refugees began to enter Europe through waters, then UNHCR announced the status of refugees and encouraged the EU to respond with refugee acceptance. In 2012 the EU then adopted the Regional Protection Program - International protection regime in accepting refugees. Germany was then very enthusiastic in accepting refugees, so there were many refugee destinations to get protection. Through the German resettlement scheme then received many refugees. Through the Balkan lane the EU then negotiated with Turkey which made it easier for refugees to enter Europe, then it had implications for the increasing number of refugees entering Europe in 2015. This caused fears of the Balkan countries so that the peak of the Balkan lane was closing which resulted in a reduction in German revenue from the original plan of acceptance. Therefore, the author wants to confirm whether the Regional Protection Program - International protection regime is quite effective in carrying out the reception of Syrian refugees in 2013-2015. The writer uses Arild Uderdal's regime effectiveness concept, which consists of several variables such as problem type, problem-solving capacity, and the level of collaboration then to confirm the effectiveness of this regime.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/jpag.v9i4.15830

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