The Role of the Punjab Education Foundation Pakistan in Teachers’ Training in Private Sector Schools under Public-Private Partnership

Muhammad Javed, Lin Siew Eng, PhD, Abdul Rashid Mohamed, PhD, Irem Mushtaq, Noor Hashimah Hashim: PHD


An enormous number of problems including scarce financial support, dearth of proficient teachers, outdated curriculum, non-professional approach of stakeholders, lack of facilities, inadequate sources and unorganized programs for Teachers’ Training are impediments in the quality of school education in Pakistan. The teachers in private schools require an organized and well managed system of Teachers’ Training to impart the innovative pedagogical, andragogical, and professional skills and strategies for the improvement of teaching methodologies.

The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) Pakistan has taken initiative for Teachers’ Training for private sector schools under public private partnership scheme. PEF is playing its pivotal role in imparting education and Teachers’ Training Programs through Cluster Based Training (CBT), School Leadership Development Program (SLDP) and Teaching in Clusters by Subject Specialists (TICSS). Drawing upon the basic concepts, procedures and philosophy of Teachers’ Training, this paper describes the role and achievements of Punjab Education Foundation regarding Teachers’ Training in the province Punjab, Pakistan. Through documentary analysis, the parameters and mechanism adopted by PEF regarding Teachers’ Training has been examined.  Some measures for promoting the quality of teaching through Teachers’ Training at the private sector schools of the country have also been proposed.

Key Words: Teachers’ Training Philosophy, Pedagogical, Professional Skills, Punjab Education Foundation, Role, Achievements, Mechanism, Measures.

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