Relationship between Job Satisfaction and HR Practices, an Empirical Research of Different Sectors of University Teachers in Pakistan

Imran Khan, Tauqir Ahmad Ghauri, Kashif Akram


A number of researchers focus on the issue of HR practices and their impact on performance of employees particularly on developed countries. Few researches are there for the implication of these practices in developing countries. The current research focus on relationship between job satisfaction of university employees and focus HR practices which are compensation, promotion, empowerment and performance evaluation practice. It also focus on demographic attributes impact on job satisfaction and HR practices. Result shows that male university teachers are more satisfied with their job but female teachers are more satisfied with HR practices of universities. Public sector university teachers are more satisfied and found direct relationship in length of experience and job satisfaction. HR practices have positive correlation with job satisfaction. Pakistani universities have to improve the current level of HR practices, specially compensation practice for lucidity of their teacher’s career.


Keywords: HR Practices; Job Satisfaction; University Teachers; Under Develop Countries; Pakistan.

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