Correlates of Supervisory Strategies and Quality Education in Secondary Schools in Oyo State, Nigeria

Bada, Ibrahim Adegboyega


This study examined supervisory strategies as correlates of quality education among secondary schools in Ibadan southwest local government area of Oyo State. Simple random sampling technique was used to select thirty schools (public and private) and three hundred respondents consisting of 200 teachers from public schools, 80 teachers from private schools and 20 supervisors from Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM).Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was used to test the four hypotheses(P < 0.05)  Multiple Regression was used to determine the contribution of independent variables (Supervisory strategies) both jointly and individually to dependent variable (quality education).Results revealed that two of the supervisory strategies (companionable and synergistic) have positive and significant correlation  on quality education (r =0.853) and (r = 0.783) while authoritarian strategy had negative  correlation, laissez faire had no significant relationship on quality education (r = -0.522 and r = -0.200)respectively. The joint contribution of the four supervisory strategies to the prediction of quality  education in secondary schools was also significant (F (4,295) = 261.225).The paper concludes  with some recommendations to the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) and the Government.

Key words and Phrase: Supervisory Roles, Quality Education, Supervisory Strategies.

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