Oliva Model in Malaysian Logistics Curriculum: A Conceptual Framework Paper

Dazmin Daud, Halim Ahmad, Hazrina Johari




This paper proposes an attempt to set out a conceptual framework for the application of Oliva Model in logistics curriculum at Malaysian higher education institutions. The need for a conceptual framework was due to the lacking of literatures pertaining to Oliva Model in Malaysian logistics education; and thus requires future empirical studies. Two main issues are tackled: Oliva Model as a curriculum theory, and the need to study this Model on logistics curriculum. In this context, the paper elaborates the Oliva Model as a theoretical foundation for curriculum development in logistics programs. The designing and evaluating components in the Model are expected to provide logistics students with optimum knowledge both in logistics as well as non-logistics.

Key Words: Oliva curriculum model, logistics programmes, curriculum, Malaysian higher education institutions

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i3.1884


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