An Educational Information System to Follow Up on the Perceived IT Skills of Pre-Service Teachers, Global Distributions, Year 1

Moncef Bari, Nguyen Thi Ai Minh


This article presents the preliminary results of a research project aiming at following up on the perceived IT skills of pre-service teachers of the faculty of pedagogy of Dalat University in Vietnam. It focuses on the description of the global distributions according to 8 main criteria (gender, program, progression in the program, use of computers at home, IT courses followed before and during their higher studies, perceived basic IT skills, perceived advanced IT skills, and the communication means used with teachers and fellows). These distributions helped in making comparisons between 273 participants of the newly opened primary program and 109 participants of the secondary programs operating for many years. These results provide an image of the situation at a given time, i.e., the fall session of 2021. The annual renewal of this type of survey will make it possible to describe its evolution over time.

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