Using Authentic Materials in the Foreign Language Classrooms: Teacher Attitudes and Perceptions in Libyan Universities

Abdulhakim M. Belaid, Liam Murray


Looking through English as a foreign/ second language EFL /ESL literature, the researcher found a large body of references encouraging the idea of exploiting authentic materials in the process of language teaching. Such strong and positive attitudes toward using such materials could be attributed to the many advantages in improving and developing learners’ language proficiency. Moreover, authentic materials work on intensifying and developing learners’ second language motivation. The current paper is an attempt seeking to recognize deeply and understand the Libyan EFL teachers’ perceptions, attitudes and reactions toward using authentic materials in teaching English within Libyan state universities. EFL teachers from Azzaytuna; Azzawia; Al-Merghib; and Tripoli Universities participated in the current study. The results revealed that most EFL teachers hold positive attitudes to using authentic materials in language teaching. Some EFL teachers furthermore, emphasised on their regular use of the materials in their language classes, which would positively reflect on learners’ language proficiency.         

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