The Development of Entrepreneurship Training Model, Mentoring and Bookkeeping Fostering for Furniture Craftsmen in East Java, Indonesia

Etta Mamang Sangadji, Dr. Sopiah


The research objective is to find out The Model of Entrepreneurship Training, Mentoring and Bookkeeping Fostering for furniture craftsmen in Pasuruan regency and municipality, Indonesia. With purposive technique, there was research sample of 100 furniture craftmen in Pasuruan regency and municipality; the data collection method applied questionnaires, interviews and documentation. The procedure of model development used Borg and Gall (1983) as following: Research and collection of information, Planning, Initial Product Development (models draft), Initial Tests, Products Revision, Limited Field Trials, Product Revision, Field Trials, Revision of the Final Product, Model Implementation. Data analysis technique applied descriptive statistical analysis. The results of the research is a model of entrepreneurship training, mentoring and bookkeeping fostering for furniture craftsmen, which are arranged in the form of textbooks, containin guidelines for training, mentoring and bookkeeping simple guidelines for furniture craftsmen.

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