Governance, Human Security, Safety and Rule of Law in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic from the Twin Eye of WGI and IIAG



Safety and Rule of Law has been on persistent trial in Nigeria since the independence of 1960 and the return to democratic governance of the republic for the fourth time in 1999 after several military interregnums did not abate the experience. It plays out through attacks on the judicial system, denial of citizens to official information, threats to personal lives as well as civil and domestic armed conflicts among others. The study examines the indicator performance and perception of Nigerian government in Overall Governance (OG) as well as Safety and Rule of Law. It seeks to achieve this through the examination of the World Governance Index (WGI) and Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) data. The data were generated from continental, global and institutional documents. The study found out there is deficit and gap between the government and the citizens with evidence in the negative perception and performance recorded. It thus suggests the strengthening of democratic institutions, enhancement of rule of law, combating corruption, improving social service delivery to lessen the threats of human and national security as well as governmental openness for improved participation, involvement and improved delivery by government across the levels of government.

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