Causes of Increasing Demand of Employees Outsourcing and Its Impact on Pakistan Business

Muneeb Ahmad, Kashif Raza, Rana Naeem Shahid


This research paper is fundamentally builds the notion about the outsourcing and benefits as a part of the Human Resource Management system. These days outsourcing well thought-out as the variable of industrialized merchandise to countries provided that contemptible labor throughout the Industrial insurgence. Outsourcing of conventionally municipal segment services has become a widespread carry out in many countries around the globe. Most of the study in this area concentrates on improving efficiency and achieving financial savings. Here we are going to discuss the recompenses and disadvantages of outsourcing for Pakistani industry. For collection of data Questionnaire and interviews are conducted into different service industries all the way through statistical tools and the SPSS will be used to analyze these data quantify.


Keyword: IT outsourcing, Services industry, employment problems, Pakistan

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